Why a Pro Dj

One of the most important decisions you’ll make during the course of creating your perfect wedding is that of reception music and entertainment. After all, what’s a wedding reception without music? Do you hire a band, hire a DJ, or just throw on some tunes for everyone to dance to?

Some couples choose to hire a band to provide their wedding reception music. A lot of working “cover bands” (groups that specialize in performing their renditions of popular songs) are few and generally inexperienced for receptions. The cost for hiring a band varies according to the experience and popularity of the group. A band that is highly skilled tends to be highly sought after and therefore more expensive to hire. A live band brings a certain level of excitement but they usually play the music at too loud of a level. Wedding receptions are much more than a party. It’s an organized event that needs a variety of music and announcements made throughout the course of the event. If you book a band, also hire a DJ/MC for all announcements.

One risky option is to simply play the wedding reception music yourself or have a friend or family member provide the music. Yes, this is possibly and probably the most cost effective option as it will cost little or nothing at all. The downsides are that you’re left with little or no interaction whatsoever with your guests. Also make sure you have a decent sound system and a reliable microphone, preferably wireless. Face it, anyone can buy equipment and call themselves a DJ, but why would you leave the most important event in your life to someone with no experience or knowledge of the flow of a wedding reception. Please keep in mind that the two most important wedding professionals at your reception are the photographer and your Wedding DJ.

Smart couples forgo the band, IPod player or family friend in favor of hiring an experienced DJ/MC for their wedding. The advantages of hiring a DJ as compared to other options are numerous. First of all, an experienced DJ should be able to have good communications skills on the microphone and good interaction with you and your guests while conducting the flow of the reception. In addition to being a good DJ/MC, they should have a large variety of music for people of all ages to enjoy. There is a big difference between the hobbyist, friend or relative, or Club DJ compared to a professional experienced wedding DJ/MC. (Beware of any DJ that uses DJ before or in their name. This is not what you’re looking for.) An experienced DJ/MC will be able to make announcements in an entertaining way throughout the evening and provide your guests with a current and proven selection of dance music. Additionally, the DJ will have access to a far greater number of recordings than any band or hobbyist is likely to have in its repertoire.